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I am a professor, public speaker, and design strategist who is particularly invested in evolving our educational systems for the 21st-Century. I thrive off exploratory research, data-driven inquiry, and generative design. 

 Evolving Education for the  21st-Century

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 Ethnography   Philosophy  Psychology 

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Design Thinking

Future Problems 

Require Human-Centered Design

Our future problems will require human-centered design grounded in technology.

Case Study: 


Burkina Faso, West Africa

I am currently in a career change. Giving myself an education in Design Thinking.

As a professor of cross-cultural psychology and longtime workshop facilitator, I bring an on-going curiosity around human behavior and a background in mixed methods research.


But it is not my background in research that sets me apart. It is my passion and willingness to collaborate and learn. One of the driving factors motivating me to leave academia for companies in the tech sector is the emphasis on ideation and rapid prototyping that is at the heart of design thinking.


I am currently in the process of deepening my knowledge of UX research and strategy and have found that my diverse background translates easily to core UX skills from field studies and interviews to research design, implementation, and analysis. My background in interdisciplinary research and multimedia presentations has also prepared me to translate these insights into innovative design strategies and concepts.

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