As my UX education is a work in progress this portfolio piece will can be seen as a prototype. One that will like change often. Something that is true for all the current portfolio pieces that I have to show right now.

My UX Education*


This portfolio piece is all about change. It highlights my own journey through my current career transition. This is a truly humbling experience in which I am reminded daily that my past work experience means very little if I cannot tell my story in the context of this new field. This is a journey of exciting possibilities where there is no end to what can be learned and whom I might meet. It is a process that truly takes a village, perseverance, as well as a sense of humor and an open mind. Thank you for coming along for a quick peek as this transition continues to unfold.

Problems & Solutions

Challenges faced by a person like me in the process of a career change to UX research

  • Creating a portfolio for a person new to the UX field

  • Translating past work experience to UX research

  • Getting real-world experience on UX projects

  • Gaining a working knowledge of best practices with regard to research methods and skills as applied in this field

The solution​s. Below you will find a list of different tasks that I have begun in order to make up the difference in my work experience. Each of these references a section further below where I detail key insights, learnings, and UX projects that I have worked on in order to gain the necessary skills to make this transition successful

  • Some of the courses and certificates that I have decided are the best use of my time

    • IDEO's certificate in Advanced Design Thinking​

    • The Interaction Design Foundations certificates in

      • UX Research, UX Design, ​Usability Testing, Design Thinking, Psychology of Interaction Design

  • Research the field and best practices

    • In this section, you will find reviews of foundational books in the field along with key insights that I have taken from this material​

  • Networking

    • Follow along and learn along with me as I network both online and in-person​

  • Building Portfolio

    • Find out what I have learned about building a UX portfolio from scratch​

IDEO & Design Thinking

Workshop in Progress

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IDF Certificates

Young People at a Workshop

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Book Review & Key Insights


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