Cross-Cultural Dialogue for Global Challenges 

The complex problems of the 21st-century require cross-functional/interdisciplinary solutions. Ecologies of Participation lays out a bold new vision for the future global collaboration.

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The participatory way.

Design Thinking for social impact

Storytelling for the 21st Century

Ours is a planetary predicament. For the first time in human history, we have an increasingly global culture, a shared technological future, and the makings of a climate disaster. This is a time for collaborative solutions, cross-cultural dialogue, and radical innovation. This world needs new stories, and you have a story to tell!

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I have a story to tell.  

And it is about participation.
Ecologies of Participation

to be exact. 

My story begins in the mountains of Wyoming, the mines of Nevada, and coasts of California. It is about what happens when you drop out of college, get kicked out of Naval Nuclear Power School, and learn how to grow when you fail. It is about the clarity of zazen—a form of Buddhist meditation. The power of West African divination—a form of collaborative community problem-solving. And the vitality that can be found within the shamanic traditions that we all come from. 

Ours is a time of profound change. We need only to scan the news from around the world to see how easy it is to oversimplify, caricature, and wrong those who are different from ourselves. The basis of my own work is philosophical at its core. It is about dialogue between people, and cultures, and the natural world. It is about participation with those that seem scary or strange—from the AI chess champion to the blue-collar worker, the immigrant, and the coastal elite. 

I wrote a book about how to go about doing this. About how we can learn to get out of our own way so that we can see the world through different kinds of experiences. Now I am in the process of deepening my knowledge of Design Thinking. I see this as one avenue toward facing our shared challenges and creating the lasting change we need.

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